Indian Space Science Olympiad is a competition where kids will obtain knowledge purely about Indian Space Science and Astronomy.

Indian Space Science Olympiad will be conducted in two parts. After registration candidates will be provided specific date and time to attend first exam which will be conducted through webinar (Online – Students can attend exam from home or school through webcam). From first online exam 150 candidates (50 from each category) will get selected for final online exam and online workshop.

Final exam will comprise of 3 days Online Space Science Workshop and an Online exam with Paper Presentation. Students will get a lifetime experience while interacting with great Space Science Scientists and subject experts. Based on the Online Exam and Paper Presntation, Top 3 students from each category will receive Newtonian Parabolic Mirror Telescope as prize. All other students will receive medal and certificate.

Structure of ISSO Final Online Examination:

The questions in the ISSO final exam will be based on the 3 days online workshop that will be conducted a week prior to the final exam. The exam is consists of 2 parts

Part I – Online Paper Presentation: In the first part, the candidates will have to present a paper based on the topic provided below. This will be conducted via video conferencing and the duration allowed is a maximum of 5 minutes. Candidates can refer to books, internet and prepare a paper presentation related to the topic and present it. The content should not be less than one A4 page or more than five A4 pages. While preparing please remember that the content will be tested on Plagiarism, therefore the content should be in a 60:40 ratio which means 40% of content should be unique/ your own words. The candidates will have submit the paper to us on or before 5PM, 15th November 2020. The paper must be in PDF format.

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Juniors: International Space Station: History and applications

Seniors: Big Bang Theory and its proofs

Super seniors: Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)


Documentation Guidelines

Font:  Times New Roman

Font size:  Headings: 16, Sub heading: 14, Paragraphs: 12

Line and paragraph spacing : 1.15

Maximum Number of pages: 5

Date of Paper Submission: ON OR BEFORE 5PM, 15th November 2020

To submit the paper CLICK HERE

Part II – Online Written Examination: The second part of final exams will be conducted through a webinar which can be attended from any place where a good internet facility is available. The questions asked in the exam will be in multi choice form.

About workshop: A 3 days workshop (each day 1 hour class) will be conducted by Scientists and Subject experts who have vast experience in the field of space science. Final exam will be based on the syllabus  and the workshop.

Result: ISSO final result will be the sum of marks obtained in paper presentation and written examination. Top 3 candidates from each category will receive the Newtonian Parabolic Mirror Telescope as grand prize. All other candidates will receive a medal and excellence certificate.

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